A Babble of Words View Gallery

A Babble of Words

An A-Z of Collective Nouns

Cinderella Jump Rope Rhymes View Gallery

Cinderella Jump Rope Rhymes

Dear Little Emmie View Gallery

Dear Little Emmie

My Ghost story Graphic Novel, told through 200 sequential Illustrations, Published in 2009 by Au Fond Grenier

'The Warlock on the HIll' View Gallery

'The Warlock on the HIll'

The second book in 'The Errand Series, written by Leo LaFleur.

'The Errand' by Adam Oehlers View Gallery

'The Errand' by Adam Oehlers

The first book in 'The Errand Series written by Leo LaFleur

'Celeste, Nick and the MAgical Tea Party' View Gallery

'Celeste, Nick and the MAgical Tea Party'

A Chlidrens book written by Miss Dinkles.

'Le Dit Du Vieux Marin' View Gallery

'Le Dit Du Vieux Marin'

My Take on Samuel Coleridge's classic tale 'the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner'.